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Dr. K. High Quality Oral Surgery Set

Dr. K. High Quality Oral Surgery Set

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Dr. K. High Quality Oral Surgery Set. German SS High Quality Dental Instruments.

22pcs High quality instruments.


2: 23/17 Explorer

3: Front surface cone socket Mirror with handle

4: engronomic cotton forceps

5: Lindo root elevator 4MM cvd

6: Lindo Root elevatot 2.5MM str

7: Corss cut Bone file.

8: Bone Curette Black TT coated points.

9: freer periosteel elevators

10: Lucas Bone Curette Serrated

11: 24G periosteel elevators

12: 2x minnesota Cheek retractors.

13: 1.8MM aspirating syringe

14: 3MM str luxtor

15: 5MM cvd luxtor

16: Mosquito forceps 5" CvD

17: Castarvijo needle hold TC with lock

18: stevens scissors 4.5" Cvd

19: gold man fox scissors 5" Str

20: adson forceps 1x2 teeth

21: Adson Forceps Serrated.

Germany Stainless Steel

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